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Yakima County has its own birding e-mail List Processor called BirdYak. BirdYak is a place to exchange birding information and to question subscribers about birding topics related to Yakima County. Anyone can subscribe to this free service and everyone is encouraged to join. After subscribing, you will receive a copy of all emails sent to BirdYak by other subscribers. If you have questions about Yakima County birds and birding, someone on BirdYak can answer them.

To subscribe, send a blank email to BirdYak-subscribe@yahoogroups.com . A response will be sent to you to which you must reply. Simply press "reply" on your e-mail program and send the email. You will then receive a welcome message from the list. You are now subscribed to BirdYak. In the welcoming e mail, click on the link to go to BirdYak and fill out your subscription form. Its free, its easy and its fun. Currently, we have 115 subscribers who are generating about twenty emails a week.

To visit the site click this link.

If you have questions about BirdYak or would like to report bird sightings, please contact Denny Granstrand at 453-2500 or email him at dgranstrand@charter.net